In Business and in life, we seem to be ‘juggling’ tasks and opportunities like balls in the air. I for one, am not anywhere near inept at real juggling but put multiple business opportunities in front of me and I look like a master.

In the first couple of chapters of Ryan Serhant’s new book, “Sell It Like Serhant: Sell More, Earn More…” on Audible. (I listen to audio books when working out) and Ryan makes a few great points about juggling opportunities and clients to be more successful:
1. Keep the balls in front of you at all times. Easier to deal with.
2. Pick the balls that need your attention first and then deal with the long term opportunities and clients.
3. Have numerous balls (opportunities) in the air at all times.

So let me relate these points to marketing and how they may help you in business.
The only way you will have anything to ‘juggle’ is to have numerous campaigns. The only way to have numerous campaigns in marketing is with effort. Little or no effort…no results.
Concentrate on the models/campaigns that will make you an immediate income or show immediate results. Larger more complicated projects and clients will require a longer time to close and complete. Be patient with these ones.
Deliberately test marketing campaigns on numerous platforms and don’t be content with one or two methods to get the message out. Right now, including Social Media, I am active in at lease eight (8) marketing platforms and I am very consistent. Think of it like being able to stand on 8-10 street corners at the same time spreading your message.

To conclude, the biggest issue I see with individuals and Companies who are struggling with marketing and exposure is leads. Not enough ‘balls in the air’ at any given time. This is usually a result of not enough effort, creativity, trying something once and it didn’t work or losing confidence in your vision.
All of these challenges can be overcome with proven methods and encouragement from someone who has been there and has answers.

Feel free to drop me a note here and I would be please to help in any way I can.

Happy Juggling my friends…