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“The more things change in Business and Marketing, the more Companies stay the same. Don’t be that Company”  Larry J Clark

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Digital Marketing and Business Specialist

Welcome to Larry Clark Marketing Website…I am honoured that you are here. I help Companies and Business grow their client/lead base, build relationship strategies with their customers and increase conversions and revenue.

So what is Digital Marketing anyway and why should I care? The phrase ‘digital marketing’ is really a blanket statement for internet or online marketing. This can include email marketing, social media marketing and even video marketing like YouTube. You should care because if you are not using any or all of these strategies with your business, you are losing clients and revenue to a competitor.

Please take the time to learn more about my 20+ years of experience and review the services page for what I specialize in. I look forward to connecting with you in the near future.

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Our Services

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I offer one on one Business Consulting or I will lead a group consultation in your office or workplace.
With over 20 years of owning and running businesses, I am confident I can bring value to you and/or your organization.
– Business Growth Strategies
–  Lead Generation

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Having started and operated four businesses in the past 2 decades, I can help you implement processes and growth strategies to help your Company or Organization get beyond a ‘plateau’ stage to a new level. We will discuss client relationship building, market analysis, and Joint Venture Opportunities.
Let’s get started!

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Digital Marketing, also known as online marketing, can consist of campaigns like email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and even building a ‘brand’ online. It is a crucial that your business have a consistent digital marketing presence online to gain new clients and customers as well as build relationships with existing clients. I can help you build a program suited to your brand.

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I base my personal and business coaching on a adapted version of the G.R.O.W. method. This strategy is being used by athletes to CEO’s to stay focused and motivated with personal and business targets. Contact me for a no charge 15 minute phone consultation to learn more.

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Having a steady, reliable stream of new leads coming into a Company or Business is not only necessary but crucial. To some, this seems like a dream or far fetched goal, but to me it is a easily attainable reality. Leads bring new ‘eyes’ to your product and service and with a proper implemented strategy, turn into customers and revenue. Learn from someone who generated a reliable 30 to 40 leads a day!

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I have extensive experience as a Sales and Marketing Executive. This ranges from new home construction to manufacturing markets.
Sales team Training and Motivation
Conversion Techniques for Leads
Setting up a ‘Sales Funnel’ for your Company

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Business Tip #1- Diversify

Today, every business needs to diversify. Whether that is their product line, service or even their target customers. The word is changing and needs are changing. Clients are looking for new solutions to their challenges.
Not only will this give you a competitive edge, but it will also give you more consistent income and revenue streams

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Business Tip #2- Joint Venture

Have you explored or reached out to Companies that have complimentary products/services to yours? This is how Joint Venture (JV) opportunities are formed. The main benefit is you each have a client list that will be in most cases, different. Why not offer your product or service to their list and invite them to do the same with your list? As long as you are not in direct competition, it can open a new market for you.

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Business Tip #3- Adding Value

People are being inundated today with a new offer every few seconds…no wonder they ignore most of them. If you are trying to reach new clients this way, whether by email or mobile ad’s, your success rate will be very low. Your audience is looking for value. Content and advice that will help them in their daily lives. No strings attached. This will get you new loyal customers.

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I understand How Important Your Business Is To You

Your time is important and I respect that so let me get to the point..I understand business. I know what it takes to find new potential customers, turn those people into leads and convert those leads into revenue. I have done it numerous times before, not only for my own Companies, but for allot of others as well.

Being a firm believer in nothing happens by accident, there is a reason why you on our website today and why you are reading this right now. Your Company or Business may not be where you want it to be, you’re not meeting quotas or projections, cash flow is down and you need some ideas and a fast ‘action’ plan to get the wheels of your business back on track and moving again. This can be caused by non-motivated sales persons, an outdated marketing plan, little or no interaction with your existing client base (social media) or a myriad of other reasons. Regardless, you need to make a decision to do something now rather than waiting to see if it will get better. It won’t.

Can I help you? Possibly. The interesting thing I learned as a Business Consultant over the past 10 years is that, even after I have met with Business/Companies and reviewed their situation and made recommendations, they were still hesitant to change. Changing what you always been doing for a long time is hard but so is losing sales, revenue and clients.

If you are just looking for ‘what’s out there’ and some superficial free advice, I am not your guy. Sorry to be blunt but being in business is serious. If you see value in investing in getting a new perspective, sound professional advice and an actionable plan to implement for your business, then contact me and I will make myself available for a initial, no obligation call.


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