Welcome to the Larry Clark Marketing Blog…

No legitimate website would be complete without the addition of a blog. It gives the owner of the site, whether a Company or individual, a place to share their ideas and current experiences. Larry Clark Marketing is no exception. I am a prolific blogger and even have my own personal blog site at www.larryclarkblog.com

I trust you will find real value in my posts. I will include relevant business marketing advice and tips that can be implemented by anyone to help your business grow. I promise I won’t waste your time with ‘fluff’ and nice to junk that acts as filler in some blog posts. Business is an investment of your time and money and respect that. Business is also about taking action and using what you learn in a practical way. I will also include how to do that as well.

With over 20+ years of real business ownership experience, with one of my Companies having 30 thousand emails on it’s newsletter list, I understand building relationships with people and converting leads to customers. This includes retaining clients and building a division of our Company with mostly referrals.

I am deeply humbled and thankful for my many years of experience in the sales, marketing and business. I know look forward to passing on the wisdom I have learned help you be the best you can be in your chosen arena.

Kind Regards,
Larry J Clark