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A Wealth of Experience in Consulting and Business Mentoring

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Business Consulting and Coaching

“Unlocking People’s Potential to Maximize Their Own Performance”- Sir John Whitmore

By far, one of the most satisfying accomplishments in my life has been sharing my business experience through one on one coaching and mentoring. The wisdom I have learned over the past 20 plus years can be invaluable to startup and existing Companies.

I focus on my version of the popular¬† G.R.O.W. coaching method mostly when spending time with clients. GROW stands for “Goal” “Reality” “Options” and “Willing”. This method was made popular by Sir John Whitmore in the 1970’s for training and coaching athletes and business leaders. Today it is more about making clients aware of their environment and how they can perceive and judge personal performance in obtaining their goals. It is also about responsibility and commitment. Taking action!

It is imperative for all Leaders and Business Owners to have a ‘accountability coach’ and mentor along side them to walk them through their Entrepreneurial journey.

Coaching and Mentoring- What is the G.R.O.W Method?

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The “G” is for Goal. Everyone in Business should have a goal.
Does the goal motivate you?  Does it make you jump out of bed in the morning?
Is the goal Measurable? How will you know when you achieve it?

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The “R” stands for Reality. Where are you right now? Coaching is getting from point A to Point B and there is always a gap between the two. The size of the gap is really about where you are currently and the size of your goal.

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The “O” is for Options. What options are available to you to help you achieve your goal?
Who else needs to be involved? Is there a financial commitment required?
“Coaching promotes possibility thinking- focusing on what you could do”

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Willing to Do

The “W” stands for Willing. What are you willing to do to reach your goals? What are the obstacles you have identified that need to be dealt with? One of the biggest obstacles you will find is YOU! Procrastination, fear, doubt, laziness, lack of focus can all be roadblocks in your life to achieving your targets.

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Personal Coaching and Mentoring

Personal Coaching , while usually addressing business issues and business goals, goes allot deeper. It is about who you are as a person and a leader. Believe it or not, you need to be a good leader to you first, before you can be a leader to others. Concentrating on where you are as a person, puts things into perspective and builds confidence.

Confidence leads to action and through action, things get done! When there have been times in the past where you have been ‘stuck’, I can usually suggest that was a time when you were doubting your self confidence. Maybe you are at the stuck stage of your life or career right now. I suggest you get with a personal coach and get a new perspective, and ‘outside in’ look at your circumstances, so you can continue to move forward and re-build confidence.

I offer a complimentary 15 minute call to all new potential clients to see if we are a good fit. I will make myself available to you.