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Business Development and Company Growth Strategies from Larry Clark Marketing

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Business Development Specialist

Business Development is the introduction of short term strategies, to a Company or Business, in order to realize long term growth. The value can include marketing and sales processes that build a larger client base, increased revenue to a Company, or opening up new markets and opportunities.

With over 23+ years now in a business capacity, I understand ‘staying power’ and what it takes for a Business to adapt to their market, stay ahead of their competition and control new growth through Joint Ventures and other partnerships.

A key for any business is to have a consistent and effective marketing program that results in sales growth. There are many moving parts in this theory that must function together, but once implemented, can make the difference between being in business long term or not at all.

The market changes constantly and new ‘players’ are added monthly, especially in digital marketing.  Learn what it takes to be a leader not a chaser.

Business Development- What Do You Cover and How Can You Help My Company?

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Joint Ventures and partnerships. I have introduced this strategy to every Company I have worked with the past 5 years without exception. “No man is an island…” and neither is a Business. There are complimentary products and services out there that don’t compete with yours. Sign JV agreements with them and share client lists as well as give your existing clients more value. Ask me how.

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Diversify. Identify other products or services you can develop to assist your customers and build more revenue for your Company. An example may be to introduce a new service or installation agreement for your product or a complimentary product. Always have more than one main stream of income coming into your business. If one certain aspect of your market is slowing down, your other offering will help maintain your cash flow. Contact me for ideas. Love to brainstorm with you.

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Invest in Your Business. I am a firm believer in investing in yourself and the A.B.L rule. (always be learning). With business, it is even more important. You can’t be expected to know everything, to be up on all the digital marketing changes, and effectively run your Company. You need to hire professionals (notice I didn’t say experts) who can come along side you and give you experienced answers and to certain directions that you should be targeting. You can’t have one hand on the rudder and be expected to be in the engine room as well. Invest in help.

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Straight Business Talk

Allow me to get straight to the point if you don’t mind…being in Business is very serious and involved allot of effort and investment on your part. I can relate to you as I have started and operated four companies myself. Two of those Corporations lost money and folded and the other two did very well. I call the failure companies ‘learning what doesn’t work’ .

When I consult a business person or Company, I equally share what should not be done in decision making as much as I share what made my successful Companies thrive. I don’t waste clients time or money with fluff…life is way to short for that and the stakes are way to high today.

If you want a direct approach to assessing your Company or Business idea, I can help you. Want strategies and ideas for growth and need help setting them up? I can help you. Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute phone call. I will make time for you.